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two girls sitting on a bench which one with a swimwear piece. A plain orange bikini bottom with a print bikini top, and a plain swimsuit in orange made with a sustainable fabric

For us, MISPLACED doesn't just mean incorrectly positioned or not fitting.


It means UNIQUE.

Something that doesn't fit the general standards but is beautiful that way.


MISPLACED is a brand with its own flow: it does not like the general idea of following trends and is therefore for women who want and like to feel good about themselves without having to worry about what others think.

Because the most beautiful thing in a person is the difference and that's what brings more color to life.

We are different.


Sustainable and body positive  swimwear


Two girl on a rock, which one with a piece of swimwear. Aplain bikini set in orange and a plain swimsuit in blue made with a sustainable fabric
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